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Biology Bachelor Information
3. Year, 6. Semester
Concept Courses
529-0732-00LProteins and LipidsW6 credits3G
529-0732-00 GProteins and Lipids
Lecture 09:45 - 11:30 on Monday.
Exercise 08:45 - 09:30 Monday or according to agreement.
3 hrs
Mon09-10HCI F 2 »
09-10HCI J 4 »
10-12HCI J 4 »
D. Hilvert
551-0324-00LSystems Biology Information W6 credits4V
551-0324-00 VSystems Biology4 hrs
Mon13-15HCI J 6 »
Tue08-10HCI J 6 »
R. Aebersold, B. Christen, M. Claassen, U. Sauer
551-0320-00LCellular Biochemistry (Part II)W3 credits2V
551-0320-00 VCellular Biochemistry (Part II)2 hrs
Mon15-17HCI J 6 »
Y. Barral, R. Kroschewski, A. E. Smith
551-0314-00LMicrobiology (Part II)W3 credits2V
551-0314-00 VMicrobiology (Part II)2 hrs
Tue10-12HCI G 3 »
W.‑D. Hardt, L. Eberl, H.‑M. Fischer, J. Piel, J. Vorholt-Zambelli
551-0326-00LCell Biology Information W6 credits4V
551-0326-00 VCell Biology4 hrs
Mon10-12HPV G 4 »
Tue08-10HPV G 4 »
S. Werner, M. Bordoli, R. Henneberger, W. Kovacs, M. Schäfer, U. Suter, A. Wutz
551-0318-00LImmunology IIW3 credits2V
551-0318-00 VImmunology II2 hrs
Tue08-10HCI J 3 »
A. Oxenius, M. Kopf, S. R. Leibundgut, E. Wetter Slack, further lecturers
376-0209-00LMolecular Disease MechanismsW6 credits4V
376-0209-00 VMolecular Disease Mechanisms4 hrs
Mon13-15HPV G 4 »
Tue10-12HPV G 4 »
C. Wolfrum, H. Gahlon, M. Kopf
551-0307-01LMolecular and Structural Biology II: From Gene to Protein
D-BIOL students are obliged to take part I and part II as a two-semester course.
W3 credits2V
551-0307-01 VMolecular and Structural Biology II: From Gene to Protein2 hrs
Mon13-15HCI J 3 »
N. Ban, F. Allain, S. Jonas, M. Pilhofer
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