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Doctoral Department of Environmental Sciences Information
Agricultural Science
751-1040-00LResponsible Conduct in ResearchW1 credit1U
751-1040-00 UResponsible Conduct in Research
Block course: 23.03.21 and 27.05.21. Group work phases in between
Room: tba
The lecturers will communicate the exact lesson times of ONLINE courses.
10s hrs
23.03.14-18ON LI NE »
27.05.14-18ML H 37.1 »
M. Paschke, N. Buchmann
701-1704-01LHealth Impact Assessment: Concepts and Case StudiesW3 credits2V
701-1704-01 VHealth Impact Assessment: Concepts and Case Studies
The course is organised by the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute.
28s hrs
Wed/110-12HG E 41 »
14-16HG E 41 »
M. Winkler, C. Guéladio, M. Röösli, J. M. Utzinger
Graduate Programme in Plant Sciences
751-4003-02LCurrent Topics in Grassland Sciences (FS) Information W2 credits2S
751-4003-02 SCurrent Topics in Grassland Sciences2 hrs
Mon14-16LFW C 5 »
N. Buchmann
751-5127-01LMicrobiomics II: Metabarcoding - from Bioinformatics to Statistics Restricted registration - show details
The course 751-5127-00 Microbiomics I: The microbiome of the plant-soil system is a prerequisit of this course (for MSc students).
The number of places for MSc-students is limited to 10.
In case of interest, please send a motivation letter (max 1/2 page) to Hartmann Martin ( until 28th February 2021. Selection of course participants will be made until 3rd March 2021.

PhD-students from the Plant Science Centre or from the Life Science Zurich Graduate School should register via the (> Select Plant Sciences)
W1 credit2P
751-5127-01 PMicrobiomics II: Metabarcoding - from Bioinformatics to Statistics
Block course from 14-17 June 2021.
30s hrs
14.06. - 17.06.08-17HG E 41 »
M. Hartmann
Environmental Sciences
Atmosphere and Climate
701-1244-00LAerosols II: Applications in Environment and TechnologyW4 credits2V + 1U
701-1244-00 VAerosols II: Applications in Environment and Technology2 hrs
Mon14-16CAB G 52 »
M. Gysel Beer, D. Bell, J. Slowik
701-1244-00 UAerosols II: Applications in Environment and Technology1 hrs
Mon13-14CAB G 52 »
M. Gysel Beer, D. Bell, J. Slowik
701-1228-00LCloud Dynamics: Hurricanes Information W4 credits3G
701-1228-00 GCloud Dynamics: Hurricanes3 hrs
Tue10-12CHN E 46 »
12-13CHN E 46 »
U. Lohmann
701-1226-00LInter-Annual Phenomena and Their Prediction Information W2 credits2G
701-1226-00 GInter-Annual Phenomena and Their Prediction2 hrs
Thu08-10CHN E 46 »
C. Appenzeller
701-1224-00LMesoscale Atmospheric Systems - Observation and ModellingW2 credits2V
701-1224-00 VMesoscale Atmospheric Systems - Observation and Modelling2 hrs
Tue16-18LFW E 13 »
H. Wernli, U. Germann, S. Schemm
701-1216-00LNumerical Modelling of Weather and Climate Information W4 credits3G
701-1216-00 GNumerical Modelling of Weather and Climate
Lecture 14-16 and exercise 16-18 every 14 days
3 hrs
Thu14-16HG D 1.1 »
Thu/2w16-18HG D 1.1 »
C. Schär, J. Vergara Temprado, M. Wild
701-1232-00LRadiation and Climate ChangeW3 credits2G
701-1232-00 GRadiation and Climate Change2 hrs
Fri08-10RZ F 21 »
M. Wild
701-1234-00LTropospheric Chemistry Information W3 credits2G
701-1234-00 GTropospheric Chemistry2 hrs
Fri14-16CHN D 44 »
D. W. Brunner, I. El Haddad
701-1266-00LWeather Discussion Restricted registration - show details
Limited number of participants.
Preference will be given to students on the masters level in Atmospheric and Climate Science and Environmental Sciences and doctoral students in Environmental Sciences.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge in meteorology is required for this class, students are advised to take courses 702-0473-00L and/or 701-1221-00L before attending this course.
W2.5 credits2P
701-1266-00 PWeather Discussion2 hrs
Fri10-12CHN E 42 »
H. Wernli
701-1211-01LMaster's Seminar: Atmosphere and Climate 1 Restricted registration - show details W3 credits2S
701-1211-01 SMaster's Seminar: Atmosphere and Climate Special students and auditors need a special permission from the lecturers.
Permission from lecturers required for all students.
Attendance is mandatory
2 hrs
Tue08-10CAB G 59 »
H. Joos, R. Knutti, A. Merrifield Könz, M. A. Wüest
651-4095-01LColloquium Atmosphere and Climate 1 Information Restricted registration - show details W1 credit1K
651-4095-00 KColloquium Atmosphere and Climate1 hrs
Mon16-17CAB G 11 »
H. Wernli, D. N. Bresch, D. Domeisen, N. Gruber, H. Joos, R. Knutti, U. Lohmann, T. Peter, C. Schär, S. Schemm, S. I. Seneviratne, M. Wild
Biogoechemistry and Pollutant Dynamics
701-1336-00LCook and Look: Synchroton TechniquesW3 credits6P
701-1336-00 PCook and Look: Synchroton Techniques
Date: June 07 - June 18 2021.

You will be housed in the PSI Guesthouse free of charge during the course weeks.
This course will be offered online when needed.
80s hrsM. Nachtegaal, C. Borca, M. Janousch
701-1342-00LAgriculture and Water QualityW3 credits3G
701-1342-00 GAgriculture and Water Quality3 hrs
Tue16-19CHN D 46 »
C. H. Stamm, E. Frossard, H. Singer
860-0012-00LCooperation and Conflict Over International Water Resources Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 40.
Priority for Science, Technology, and Policy MSc.

This is a research seminar at the Master level. PhD students are also welcome.
W3 credits2S
860-0012-00 SCooperation and Conflict Over International Water Resources
Does not take place this semester.
Change of semester: This lecture was offered until 2020 in spring semester. Starting from 2021 it will be offered in autumn semester.
2 hrsB. Wehrli
701-1310-00LEnvironmental MicrobiologyW3 credits2V
701-1310-00 VEnvironmental Microbiology
Spring semester 2021, the course will be held completely online.
Further details can be found on Moodle and have been sent by e-mail.
2 hrs
Tue/214-16HG E 1.1 »
Fri/208-10ML F 34 »
M. H. Schroth, M. Lever
701-1312-00LAdvanced EcotoxicologyW3 credits2V
701-1312-00 VAdvanced Ecotoxicology2 hrs
Tue08-10LFW C 5 »
R. Eggen, E. Janssen, K. Schirmer, A. Tlili
701-1317-00LGlobal Biogeochemical Cycles and ClimateW3 credits3G
701-1317-00 GGlobal Biogeochemical Cycles and Climate3 hrs
Wed10-13CHN F 46 »
N. Gruber, M. Vogt
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