The spring semester 2021 will certainly take place online until Easter. Exceptions: Courses that can only be carried out with on-site presence. Please note the information provided by the lecturers.

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Earth Sciences Master Information
Courses can be chosen from the complete offerings of the ETH Zurich and University of Zurich (according to prior agreement with the MSc Committee).
651-4156-00LAdvanced Numerical Techniques for Modelling of Earth SystemsW2 credits3GY. Podladchikov
651-4904-00LDigital Topography and Geomorphology Practical
Does not take place this semester.
W2 credits2G
651-4121-00LIntroduction to Carthography and Geovisualisualisation (University of Zurich)
No enrolment to this course at ETH Zurich. Book the corresponding module directly at UZH.
UZH Module Code: GEO975
Mind the enrolment deadlines at UZH:
W3 credits2GUniversity lecturers
860-0015-00LSupply and Responsible Use of Mineral Resources IW3 credits2GC. A. Heinrich, L. Bretschger, F. Brugger, S. Hellweg, B. Wehrli
860-0016-00LSupply and Responsible Use of Mineral Resources II Information Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 12.

W3 credits2UB. Wehrli, F. Brugger, C. A. Heinrich, N. Lefebvre, J. Mertens
651-2001-00LSemester Research Project Restricted registration - show details W3 credits6ALecturers
651-1091-00LColloquium Department Earth SciencesZ0 credits2KM. W. Schmidt
651-3880-00LField Trip Namibia Restricted registration - show details
Maximum 24 places, selection will be on the basis of a two paragraph justification that must be submitted before February 26, 2016 to The reports will be assessed rapidly and candidates will be notified shortly after the assessment.

Additional registration on
W3 credits6PT. Driesner, N. Mancktelow
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