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MAS in Management, Technology, and Economics Information
Einführungsveranstaltung für MAS MTEC Studierende des Jahrgangs 2016-2018:
Freitag, 26.08.2016, 18.00-20.00 Uhr, Dozentenfoyer
Wahlfächer, 1. und 3. Semester
363-1080-00LPower and LeadershipW3 KP2SP. Schmid
KurzbeschreibungStudents will learn about different leadership styles and how power and leadership play out in social interactions. Emphasis is placed on the importance of implementation and application to the workplace.
LernzielThis course will enhance students' understanding of the complexity of hierarchical relationships in the workplace in weekly lessons that include lectures, analysis of leadership situations (e.g., case studies), exercises, and group discussions. More specifically, students will be informed about how power shapes people's behaviors and decision-making processes. They will learn to analyze the different elements that make a good leader including personality traits, behavior, and skills. With case studies and small group exercises, students will learn to evaluate different types of social and emotional skills related to leadership and will be encouraged to reflect upon their own communication skills and leadership potential. The course further addresses integrity and ethics in leadership.
Class presence is mandatory.
365-1083-00LManaging the Technology Driven Enterprise Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
Exclusively for MAS MTEC students (third semester).

Limited number of participants: a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 40 persons.

Please register through myStudies to enrol for the course no later than 10.10.2016.
W2 KP1SP. Bubenzer
KurzbeschreibungThis interactive course provides leaders in technology-driven enterprises with critical insights and tools for addressing key challenges in innovation management.
LernzielThis course offers an intensive, two-day integrated learning experience to provide leaders in technology-driven enterprises with critical insights and tools for tackling key innovation management challenges. The course combines an innovate set of lectures with practical case studies and group exercises taught by seasoned industry executives with experience in technology-driven start-ups and large firms in a variety of industries. Unlike more traditional courses, this is a highly interactive immersion into real-life challenges where established frameworks and contemporary models are used to develop leadership capabilities in technologically complex business environments. This course is thus designed to particularly suit the needs and expectations of engineers or other technology specialists who intend to develop into more general leadership roles in technology based enterprises.
InhaltThis course is tailored to, firstly, enable participants to understand key concepts of technology and innovation management and, secondly, gain practical "real-life based" leadership skills that improve their ability to implement massive innovative change in today's dynamic global work and marketplace. In consequence, the first part of the course explores foundational frameworks in technology and innovation management with a particular focus on the evolution and adoption of technology-based innovations. The second part of the course, then, provides tools for successfully implementing innovation initiatives at all levels - individual, project and organization.
LiteraturLiterature and readings will be announced beforehand.
363-1082-00LEnabling Entrepreneurship: From Science to Startup 1 Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
Students should provide a brief overview (unto 1 page) of their business ideas that they would like to commercialise through the course. If they do not have an idea, they are required to provide a motivation letter stating why they would like to do this elective.

The total number of students in this first batch will be limited to 30. It is preferable that the students already form teams of at least two persons, where both the team-members would like to do the course. The names of the team-members should be provided together with the business idea or the motivation letter submitted by the students.

The students should submit the necessary information and apply before 21st September 2016 to They will be intimated by 23rd September 2016 to confirm if they have secured a place.

Once the application has been confirmed, a registration in myStudies is possible.
3 KP2VA. Sethi
KurzbeschreibungParticipants form teams and identify an idea, which is then taken through the steps necessary to form a startup. The primary focus of the course is geared to technology startups that want to reach scale.
LernzielParticipants want to become entrepreneurs.
Participants can be from business or science & technology
The course will enable the students to identify an idea and take all necessary steps to convert it into a company, through the duration of the two semesters.
The participants will have constant exposure to investors and entrepreneurs (with a focus on ETH spin-offs) through the course, to gain an understanding of their vision and different perspectives.
InhaltParticipants start from idea identification, forming team, technology and market size validation, assessing time-to-market, customer focus, IP strategy & financials, to become capable of starting the company and finally making the pitch to investors.

The seminar comprises lectures, talks from invited investors regarding the importance of the various elements being covered in content, workshops and teamwork. There is a particular emphasis on market validation on each step of the journey, to ensure the relevance of the idea, relevance to customers, time to market and customer value.
Sethi, A. "From Science to Startup"
ISBN 978-3-319-30422-9
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesThis course is only relevant for those students who aspire to become entrepreneurs.

Students applying for this course are requested to submit a 1 page business idea or, in case they don't have a business idea, a brief motivation letter stating why they would like to do this course.

This will be in two modules (autumn and spring), which will run in two consecutive semesters. Priority for the second semester will be given to those students who have attended the first semester.
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