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Mathematics Bachelor Information
Core Courses
Core Courses: Applied Mathematics and Further Appl.-Oriented Fields
vollständiger Titel:
Kernfächer aus Bereichen der angewandten Mathematik und weiteren anwendungsorientierten Gebieten
401-3601-00LProbability Theory
At most one of the three course units (Bachelor Core Courses)
401-3461-00L Functional Analysis I
401-3531-00L Differential Geometry I
401-3601-00L Probability Theory
can be recognised for the Master's degree in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics.
W10 credits4V + 1UA.‑S. Sznitman
401-3621-00LFundamentals of Mathematical Statistics Information W10 credits4V + 1US. van de Geer
401-3901-00LMathematical Optimization Information W11 credits4V + 2UR. Weismantel
252-0057-00LTheoretical Computer Science Information
Remark: Students, who already took the course 252-0065-00 Theoretische Informatik (8 KP) are not allowed to register for 252-0057-00 Theoretische Informatik (7 KP).
W7 credits4V + 2UJ. Hromkovic
252-0209-00LAlgorithms, Probability, and Computing Information W8 credits4V + 2U + 1AE. Welzl, M. Ghaffari, A. Steger, D. Steurer, P. Widmayer
» Core Courses: Applied Mathematics and Further Appl.-Oriented Fields (Mathematics Master)
Core Courses: Further Application-Oriented Fields
402-0205-00L Quantum Mechanics I is eligible as an applied core course, but only if 402-0224-00L Theoretical Physics (offered for the last time in FS 2016) isn't recognised for credits (neither in the Bachelor's nor in the Master's programme).
For the category assignment take contact with the Study Administration Office ( after having received the credits.
402-0205-00LQuantum Mechanics I Information W10 credits3V + 2UC. Anastasiou
Selection: Algebra, Topology, Discrete Mathematics, Logic
401-3059-00LCombinatorics IIW4 credits2GN. Hungerbühler
401-3034-00LAxiomatic Set TheoryW8 credits3V + 1UL. Halbeisen
401-3118-67LClassical Modular FormsW8 credits4GI. N. Petrow
401-3129-67LDifferential Galois TheoryW4 credits2VP. S. Jossen
401-3203-67LSmall Cancellation TheoryW4 credits2VD. Gruber
401-3177-67LIntroduction to Vertex Operator Algebras Information W4 credits2VC. A. Keller
Selection: Geometry
401-3375-67LHomogeneous Dynamics and ApplicationsW8 credits4GM. Einsiedler, M. Akka Ginosar, Ç. Sert
401-3301-67LIntroduction to Hyperbolic GeometryW4 credits2VQ. Chen
401-3057-00LFinite Geometries II
Does not take place this semester.
W4 credits2GN. Hungerbühler
Selection: Analysis
no course offerings yet
Selection: Numerical Analysis
No course offerings in this semester.
Selection: Probability Theory, Statistics
401-3627-00LHigh-Dimensional Statistics
Does not take place this semester.
W4 credits2VP. L. Bühlmann
401-4623-00LTime Series Analysis
Does not take place this semester.
W6 credits3Gnot available
401-0625-01LApplied Analysis of Variance and Experimental Design Information W5 credits2V + 1UL. Meier
401-0649-00LApplied Statistical RegressionW5 credits2V + 1UM. Dettling
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