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Spatial Development and Infrastructure Systems Master Information
2. Semester
Major Courses
Major in Transport Systems and Behaviour
101-0488-01LHuman Powered MobilityW6 credits4GU. A. Weidmann, E. Bosina, M. Meeder, U. Walter
101-0459-00LLogistics and Freight TransportationW6 credits4GD. Bruckmann, M. Ruesch, T. Schmid
101-0482-00LManagement of Air TransportW4 credits3GP. Wild
101-0428-00LHighway Geometric Design and EngineeringW6 credits4GH.‑R. Müller
227-0524-00LRailway Systems II Information W6 credits4GM. Meyer
151-0226-00LEnergy and Transport FuturesW4 credits3GK. Boulouchos, P. J. de Haan van der Weg, G. Georges
Network Infrastructure
101-0428-00LHighway Geometric Design and EngineeringW6 credits4GH.‑R. Müller
102-0248-00LInfrastructure Systems in Urban Water Management Information
Prerequisites: 102-0214-02L Urban Water Management I and 102-0215-00L Urban Water Management II.
W3 credits2GM. Maurer, A. Scheidegger
103-0448-00LSpatial and Infrastructural Development
Only for MSc Students or special approval by the lecturer.
W3 credits2GB. Scholl
101-0579-00LInfrastructure Management 2: Evaluation ToolsW3 credits2GB. T. Adey, C. Martani
101-0530-00LReal Options for Infrastructure Management Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 12.
W3 credits2GC. Martani
Major Courses for all majors
103-0427-00LRegional EconomicsW4 credits2GB. Buser, C. Abegg
363-1039-00LIntroduction to Negotiation Information W3 credits2GM. Ambühl, T. Langenegger
701-1674-00LSpatial Analysis, Modelling and Optimisation Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 25.

The waitinig list will be deleted on March 4th, 2018.

Prerequisites: 701-0951-00L "GIS - Introduction into Geoinformation Science" in autum semester or comparable preparatory training.
W5 credits4GM. A. M. Niederhuber, J. R. Breschan
103-0488-00LSeminar in Spatial Development and Infrastructure Systems Restricted registration - show details W9 credits18SK. W. Axhausen, F. Corman, A. Grêt-Regamey, C. Richmond, B. Scholl
364-0517-00LUrban and Spatial EconomicsW3 credits2VR. H. van Nieuwkoop
The entire course programs of ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich are open to the students to individual selection. The students have themselves to check whether they meet the admission requirements for a course.
Recommended Electives of Master Degree Programme
101-0408-00LLaboratory Transport and Spatial Planning Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 25.
W3 credits2PB. Vitins
851-0705-01LEnvironmental Law: Conceptions and FieldsW3 credits2VC. Jäger, A. Bühler
102-0348-00LProspective Environmental Assessments Information
Prerequisite for this lecture is basic knowledge of environmental assessment tools, such as material flow analysis, risk assessment and life cycle assessment.
Students without previous knowledge in these areas need to read according textbooks prior to or at the beginning of the lecture.
W3 credits2GS. Hellweg, N. Heeren, A. Spörri
364-0576-00LAdvanced Sustainability Economics Information
PhD course, open for MSc students
W3 credits2GL. Bretschger
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