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Data Science Master Information
Interdisziplinäre Wahlfächer
701-1226-00LInter-Annual Phenomena and Their Prediction Information W2 KP2G
701-1226-00 GInter-Annual Phenomena and Their Prediction2 Std.
Do08-10CHN E 46 »
20.03.08-10CAB G 56 »
C. Appenzeller
701-1252-00LClimate Change Uncertainty and Risk: From Probabilistic Forecasts to Economics of Climate AdaptationW3 KP2V + 1U
701-1252-00 VClimate Change Uncertainty and Risk: From Probabilistic Forecasts to Economics of Climate Adaptation2 Std.
Mo08-10CHN F 46 »
D. N. Bresch, R. Knutti
701-1252-00 UClimate Change Uncertainty and Risk: From Probabilistic Forecasts to Economics of Climate Adaptation1 Std.
Mo10-12CHN F 46 »
D. N. Bresch, R. Knutti
851-0252-06LIntroduction to Social Networks: Theory, Methods and Applications
This course is intended for students interested in data analysis and with basic knowledge of inferential statistics.
851-0252-06 GIntroduction to Social Networks: Theory, Methods and Applications2 Std.
Mo15-17CHN E 42 »
C. Stadtfeld, T. Elmer, A. Vörös
363-1091-00LSocial Data ScienceW3 KP2G
363-1091-00 GSocial Data Science
Block course:
30s Std.
11.02. - 14.02.09-16HG E 1.2 »
15.02.09-16HG F 7 »
D. Garcia Becerra
227-0395-00LNeural SystemsW6 KP2V + 1U + 1A
227-0395-00 VNeural Systems2 Std.
Mo09-11LFV E 41 »
R. Hahnloser, M. F. Yanik, B. Grewe
227-0395-00 UNeural Systems1 Std.
Mo11-12LFV E 41 »
15.04.11-13HG E 26.1 »
11-13HG E 26.3 »
29.04.11-13HG E 19 »
11-13HG E 27 »
R. Hahnloser, M. F. Yanik, B. Grewe
227-0395-00 ANeural Systems1 Std.R. Hahnloser, M. F. Yanik, B. Grewe
227-0973-00LTranslational Neuromodeling Information W8 KP3V + 2U + 1A
227-0973-00 VTranslational Neuromodeling3 Std.
Di09-12HG F 26.3 »
K. Stephan
227-0973-00 UTranslational Neuromodeling2 Std.
Fr14-16ETZ E 6 »
31.05.13-20ETZ E 6 »
K. Stephan
227-0973-00 ATranslational Neuromodeling
No presence required.
Creative task outside the regular weekly exercises.
1 Std.K. Stephan
227-1032-00LNeuromorphic Engineering II Information
Information für UZH Studierende:
Die Lerneinheit kann nur an der ETH belegt werden. Die Belegung des Moduls INI405 ist an der UZH nicht möglich.

Beachten Sie die Einschreibungstermine an der ETH für UZH Studierende: Link
227-1032-00 GNeuromorphic Engineering II
**together with University of Zurich**

Vorlesung: 13-15
Übungen: 15-18
5 Std.
Di13-15I55 G 20 »
15-18I35 E 30 »
T. Delbrück, G. Indiveri, S.‑C. Liu
227-1034-00LComputational Vision (University of Zurich) Information
No enrolment to this course at ETH Zurich. Book the corresponding module directly at UZH.
UZH Module Code: INI402

Mind the enrolment deadlines at UZH:
W6 KP2V + 1U
227-1034-00 VComputational Vision (University of Zurich)
**Course at University of Zurich**
2 Std.
Do17-19I35 F 32 »
D. Kiper
227-1034-00 UComputational Vision (University of Zurich)
**Course at University of Zurich**
Exercise dates by arrangement.
1 Std.n. V.D. Kiper
851-0739-01LBuilding a Robot Judge: Data Science For the Law
Particularly suitable for students of D-INFK, D-ITET, D-MTEC
851-0739-01 VBuilding a Robot Judge: Data Science For the Law2 Std.
Mo13-15LFW C 5 »
E. Ash
851-0739-02LBuilding a Robot Judge: Data Science for the Law (Course Project)
This is the optional course project for "Building a Robot Judge: Data Science for the Law."

Please register only if attending the lecture course or with consent of the instructor.

Some programming experience in Python is required, and some experience with text mining is highly recommended.
851-0739-02 VBuilding a Robot Judge: Data Science for the Law (Course Project)
Mondays, 1pm-3pm
28s Std.E. Ash
851-0740-00LBig Data, Law, and Policy Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
Number of participants limited to 35

Students will be informed by 3.3.2019 at the latest.
851-0740-00 SBig Data, Law, and Policy
Bewilligung der Dozierenden für alle Studierenden notwendig.
2 Std.
Mi14-15IFW E 42 »
20.02.13-15IFW A 36 »
S. Bechtold, T. Roscoe, E. Vayena
363-1100-00LRisk Case Study Challenge Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
Limited number of participants.

Please apply for this course via the official website ( Once your application is confirmed, registration in myStudies is possible.
363-1100-00 SRisk Case Study Challenge Für Fachstudierende und Hörer/-innen ist eine Spezialbewilligung der Dozierenden notwendig.2 Std.
Mo12-14LEE E 101 »
B. J. Bergmann, A. Bommier, S. Feuerriegel
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