Autumn Semester 2020 takes place in a mixed form of online and classroom teaching.
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Biomedical Engineering Master Information
Master Programme According to Programme Regulations 2013
Track Courses
Molecular Bioengineering
Track Core Courses
During the Master program, a minimum of 12 CP must be obtained from track core courses.
636-0003-00LBiological Engineering and BiotechnologyW6 credits3G
636-0003-00 GBiological Engineering and Biotechnology
Takes place at the D-BSSE in Basel and is transmitted per video conference to Zürich (HG D 16.2).
First Lecture is on Monday, September 22nd
3 hrs
Mon14-17BSA E 46 »
14-17HG D 16.2 »
M. Fussenegger
Recommended Elective Courses
These courses are particularly recommended for the Molecular Bioengineering track. Please consult your track advisor if you wish to select other subjects.
151-0604-00LMicrorobotics Information W4 credits3G
151-0604-00 GMicrorobotics3 hrs
Mon16-18HG F 5 »
Thu11-12HG F 3 »
15.12.16-18HG E 3 »
B. Nelson
227-0385-00LBiomedical Imaging Information W4 credits3G
227-0385-00 GBiomedical Imaging
**together with the Uni Zurich**
More information at:
3 hrs
Tue13-16HG E 7 »
S. Kozerke, U. Moser, M. Rudin
227-0386-00LBiomedical Engineering Information W4 credits3G
227-0386-00 GBiomedical Engineering
**together with the Uni Zurich**
More information at:
3 hrs
Wed08-11ETZ E 6 »
J. Vörös, S. J. Ferguson, S. Kozerke, U. Moser, M. Rudin, M. P. Wolf, M. Zenobi-Wong
227-0965-00LMicro and Nano-Tomography of Biological TissuesW4 credits3G
227-0965-00 GMicro and Nano-Tomography of Biological Tissues3 hrs
Mon09-12ETZ E 9 »
M. Stampanoni, K. S. Mader
327-0505-00LSurfaces, Interfaces & their Applications I Information W3 credits2V + 1U
327-0505-00 VSurfaces, Interfaces and their Applications I2 hrs
Mon09-11HCI J 7 »
N. Spencer, M. P. Heuberger, L. Isa
327-0505-00 USurfaces, Interfaces and their Applications I1 hrs
Mon11-12HCI J 7 »
N. Spencer, M. P. Heuberger, L. Isa
327-1101-00LBiomineralization Information W2 credits2V
327-1101-00 VBiomineralization
The lecture starts on 23.09.2014. Practical exercises embedded.
2 hrs
Tue09-11ML H 34.3 »
K.‑H. Ernst
402-0341-00LMedical Physics IW6 credits2V + 1U
402-0341-00 VMedical Physics I2 hrs
Thu15-17HCI J 4 »
P. Manser
402-0341-00 UMedical Physics I1 hrs
Thu17-18HCI J 4 »
P. Manser
535-0423-00LDrug Delivery and Drug TargetingW2 credits2V
535-0423-00 VDrug Delivery and Drug Targeting2 hrs
Tue15-17HCI J 4 »
J.‑C. Leroux, P. Luciani
636-0507-00LSynthetic Biology II Restricted registration - show details W4 credits4A
636-0507-00 ASynthetic Biology II
Permission from lecturers required for all students.
4 hrsby appt.S. Panke, Y. Benenson, J. Stelling
Other Elective Courses
These courses may be suitable for the Molecular Bioengineering track. Please consult your track advisor.
551-0313-00LMicrobiology (Part I) Information W3 credits2V
551-0313-00 VMicrobiology (Part I)2 hrs
Mon10-12HCI G 7 »
W.‑D. Hardt, L. Eberl, H.‑M. Fischer, J. Piel
551-1103-00LMicrobial Biochemistry Information W4 credits2V
551-1103-00 VMicrobial Biochemistry2 hrs
Thu10-12HCI D 8 »
J. Vorholt-Zambelli, T. J. Erb, J. Piel
Biology Courses
227-0945-00LCell and Molecular Biology for EngineersW6 credits4G
227-0945-00 GCell and Molecular Biology for Engineers4 hrs
Tue08-10ETZ E 8 »
Wed13-15ETZ E 8 »
C. Frei
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