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Seminars, Colloquia, and Additional Courses
402-0899-00LNeuroinformatics - Colloquia Information E-0 credits1KR. J. Douglas, R. Hahnloser, D. Kiper, S.‑C. Liu, K. A. Martin
AbstractThe colloquium in Neuroinformatics is a series of lectures given by invited experts. The lecture topics reflect the current themes in neurobiology and neuromorphic engineering that are relevant for our Institute.
ObjectiveThe goal of these talks is to provide insight into recent research results. The talks are not meant for the general public, but really aimed at specialists in the field.
ContentThe topics depend heavily on the invited speakers, and thus change from week to week. All topics concern neural computation and their implementation in biological or artificial systems.
402-0826-00LAuditory InformaticsE-2 credits1SR. Stoop
AbstractInvited talks on current research from the following areas: Auditory information processing, auditory sensors (biological and electrical), coding of information, perception, scene-segmentation.
ObjectiveWe provide an introduction into current research topics related to auditory information processing.
ContentThe semester program is available from: ->teaching -> auditory informatics
Prerequisites / NoticeOn request the "Lehrsprache" may be changed to German.
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