364-0559-00L  Dynamic Macroeconomics (Doctoral Course)

SemesterSpring Semester 2013
LecturersH. Gersbach
Periodicitysemester course
Language of instructionEnglish

AbstractDynamic models and workhorses in macroeconomics
ObjectiveIn this doctoral course, we learn dynamic general equilibrium theory and the basic workhorses in macroeconomics. After the course the participants will be able to speak the Arrow-Debreu and recursive language and apply the frameworks to interesting issues in Growth, Public Finance, Monetary Theory and Banking.
Content1. Introduction
2. The Arrow-Debreu Approach and Sequential Markets
3. The Neoclassical Growth Model and the Representative Agent Model
4. Mathematical Background
5. Overlapping Generations Models and Models with Heterogenous Agents
6. RA and OLG Models with Uncertainty and Asset Markets
7. Current Research with OLG Models (Banking, Growth Policy, Sustainability)
8. Monetary Theory and Policy
9. Dynamic Political Economy Models