701-0071-00L  Mathematics III: Systems Analysis

Semester Autumn Semester 2014
Lecturers N. Gruber, P. Landschützer
Periodicity yearly course
Language of instruction German

Abstract The objective of the systems analysis course is to deepen and illustrate the mathematical concepts on the basis of a series of very concrete examples. Topics covered include: linear box models with one or several variables, non-linear box models with one or several variables, time-discrete models, and continuous models in time and space.
Objective Learning and applying of concepts (models) and quantitative methods to address concrete problems of environmental relevance. Understanding and applying the systems-analytic approach, i.e., Recognizing the core of the problem - simplification - quantitative approach - prediction.
Content Content of lectures:

Lecture notes Overhead slides:
Literature Imboden, D.S. and S. Pfenninger (2013) Introduction to Systems Analysis: Mathematically Modeling Natural Systems. Berlin Heidelberg: Springer Verlag.