701-1346-00L  Carbon Mitigation

Semester Autumn Semester 2014
Lecturers N. Gruber
Periodicity yearly course
Language of instruction English

Abstract The reduction of CO2 emissions is the only option for keeping future climate change within reasonable bounds. In this course, we will discuss a portfolio of options involving the alteration of natural carbon sinks and carbon sequestration. The course includes introductory lectures, presentations from guest speakers from industry and the public sector, and final presentations by the students.
Objective The goal of this course is to investigate, as a group, a particular set of carbon mitigation/sequestration options and to evaluate their potential, their cost, and their consequences.
Content From the large number of carbon sequestration/mitigation options, a few options will be selected and then investigated in detail by the students. The results of this research will then be presented to the other students, the involved faculty, and discussed in detail by the whole group.
Lecture notes None
Literature Will be identified based on the chosen topic.
Prerequisites / Notice Exam: No final exam. Pass/No-Pass is assigned based on the quality of the presentation and ensuing discussion.