701-1901-AAL  Systems Analysis

SemesterSpring Semester 2015
LecturersN. Gruber
Periodicitysemester course
Language of instructionEnglish
CommentEnrolment only for MSc students who need this course as additional requirement.

AbstractSystems analysis is about the application of mathematical concepts to solve real world problems in a quantitative manner. Areas covered include: Dynamic linear models with one and several variables, Non-linear models with one or several variables; discrete-time models; and continuous models in space and time.
ObjectiveThe goal of the course is to develop quantitative skills in order to understand and solve a range of typical environmental problems.
ContentThe subject of the exam is the content of my
undergraduate lecture series Systemanalyse I and II (see http://www.up.ethz.ch/education/system_analysis/index_DE).
This course is closely aligned with the Imboden&Koch / Imboden&Pfenniger books, except that I essentially skip chapter 7.
Lecture notesNo script is available, but you can purchase the Imboden/Koch or Imboden/Pfenniger books (or download some of the chapters yourself) through the Springer Verlag:

English version:

German version: