551-1323-00L  Fundamentals of Biology II: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Semester Autumn Semester 2015
Lecturers K. Locher, N. Ban, R. Glockshuber, E. Weber-Ban
Periodicity yearly course
Language of instruction German

Abstract The course provides an introduction to Biochemistry / Molecular Biology with some emphasis on chemical and biophysical aspects.
Objective Topics include the structure-function
relationship of proteins / nucleic acids, protein folding, enzymatic catalysis, cellular pathways involved in bioenergetics and the biosynthesis and breakdown of amino acids, glycans, nucleotides, fatty acids and phospholipids, and steroids. There will also be a discussion of DNA replication and repair, transcription, and translation.
Lecture notes none
Literature mandatory: "Biochemistry",
Autoren: Berg/Tymoczko/Stryer, 8th edition, Palgrave Macmillan, International edition (the English version will be preordered at the Polybuchhandlung)
Prerequisites / Notice Some of the lectures are given in the English language.