551-1403-00L  Imaging Bacterial Cells in a Native State by Electron Cryotomography

Semester Autumn Semester 2015
Lecturers M. Pilhofer
Periodicity yearly course
Language of instruction English
Comment Number of participants limited to 3.

Abstract The goal is to acquire the techniques to image bacteria by electron cryotomography, resolving their structure in a native state, in 3D, and to macromolecular resolution. In a small group, students will perform wet lab experiments, data collection with stat-of-the-art equipment, data processing and analyses. The key method and its application in bacterial cell biology will be introduced by lectures
Objective Students will acquire the skills to cultivate bacteria, plunge-freeze samples for cryotomography, collect data using an electron cryomicroscope, process raw data, analyze tomograms, perform subtomogram averaging, model structures of interest, and generate movies for visualization.