551-1556-00L  X-Ray Crystallographic Structure Determination and Biophysics

Semester Spring Semester 2016
Lecturers K. Locher, G. Schertler, D. Veprintsev
Periodicity yearly course
Language of instruction English
Comment Number of participants limited to 11 in the 3rd semester quarter of the spring semester
Number of participants limited to 12 in the 4th semester quarter of the spring semester

Abstract This course will familiarize the students with techniques used for the biophysical and structural characterization of proteins. The students will carry out biophysical characterization of the proteins with dynamic light scattering and CD spectroscopy.
Objective The course aims at introducing the principles of protein X-ray crystallography as well as other techniques used in the biophysical characterization of proteins. Students will get an opportunity to conduct hands-on experiments and also use computational techniques.
Content Micro-calorimetry and fluorescence anisotropy measurements will be used to study protein peptide interactions. The course also includes a demonstration of the Synchrotron capabilities at the Paul Scherrer Institute (SLS). Students will crystallize a protein, collect X-ray diffraction data using an in-house X-ray source, and build an atomic model into the electron density map.
Prerequisites / Notice The students will be both at ETH Honggerberg and the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) at Villigen. Transport will be organized by rental car or by public transportation.