052-0727-22L  4D-Geodesigning Urban Transformation - Summer School

SemesterAutumn Semester 2022
LecturersS. Wälty, H. Klumpner
Periodicityevery semester recurring course
Language of instructionEnglish
CommentIs offered until end of FS23. This summer school is suitable for Master and doctoral students only. Please register before 6.6.22.

AbstractThe project addresses critical issues of urban planning by using cutting-edge technology for analysis and communication. Students actively engage with building and zoning regulations ((i) reconstruct, (ii) reformulare and (iii) simulate/virtualise in web-based 4D urban models) as well as maintain an ongoing exchange through (peer) review activities in class.
Objective- Capture and analyse the past and present; design, present and discuss future living spaces in 4D.
- Read, understand, deconstruct and formulate new zoning and building rules (BNO)s.
- Set up an ArcGIS Urban model and integrate current and new urban rules and visualize/simulate development scenarios/variations of urban designs.
- Learn from students from different disciplines through teamwork and by peer-reviewing each other's work.
- System thinking through causal loops.
ContentThis planned course addresses the crucial urban transformation issues of our time at the 10-minute-neighbourhood level. Technology, communication and online learning materials are leveraged and opportunities for online interaction are combind with traditional place-based teaching methods. The course can be taught as elective with exercise and as an integrated discipline in design classes. In addition, the online material can be used for self-paced learning.
(i) Students actively engage with building and land use regulations by reconstruction them in a 3D model, formulating new 3D regulations based on design and land use criteria, and simulating possible developments based on existing building criteria in 4D. As students from different disciplines work in teams and share knowledge through mutual work and peer reviews, they can learn from each other across disciplines.
(ii) Urban design lecturers can benefit form being relieved of the task of teaching students software as part of the diesign class.
(iii) The entire degree programmes in architecture, landscape architecture, building information systems (all D-ARCH), and spatial development and infrastructure systems (D-BAUG) can benefit from this. It is also conceivable that, building on this, a joint program will be developed and offered in the future, with the integration/combination of City Energy Analysis (CEA) by Prof. Schlüter, IÖ-app by Prof. Menz, Enerpol Tool/Daylight by Prof. Klumpner, to name but a few.
Prerequisites / NoticeThe course is offered in summer 2022 as an elective block course with exercises, in HS22 as an integrated discipline within the Klumpner design studio and in FS23 to choose between the elective course or the integrated discipline.

Places: 20 at the most
Group work: groups of two
Primary target groups: Master Architecture, Integrated Building Systems, Landscape Architecture, Master Spatial Development and Infrastructure Systems
Registration: until 06.06.2022
Waiting list: until 17.06.2022