252-0029-00L  Parallel Programming

SemesterSpring Semester 2019
LecturersT. Hoefler, M. Vechev
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionGerman


252-0029-00 VParallele Programmierung
Di 10-12 h im ML D 28 mit Videoübertragung im ML E 12
Mi 13-15 h im HG F 7 mit Videoübertragung im HG F 5
4 hrs
Tue10:15-12:00ML D 28 »
10:15-12:00ML E 12 »
Wed13:15-15:00HG F 5 »
13:15-15:00HG F 7 »
T. Hoefler, M. Vechev
252-0029-00 UParallele Programmierung2 hrs
Wed15:15-17:00CHN E 42 »
15:15-17:00ETZ E 8 »
15:15-17:00ETZ F 91 »
15:15-17:00ETZ H 91 »
15:15-17:00ETZ J 91 »
15:15-17:00IFW C 35 »
15:15-17:00LFW C 11 »
15:15-17:00ML J 34.1 »
15:15-17:00ML J 34.3 »
Fri10:15-12:00CHN D 42 »
10:15-12:00ETZ G 91 »
10:15-12:00HG D 3.1 »
10:15-12:00HG D 3.3 »
10:15-12:00HG G 26.5 »
10:15-12:00IFW D 42 »
10:15-12:00LFW E 13 »
10:15-12:00ML J 37.1 »
10:15-12:00NO D 11 »
10:15-12:00NO E 11 »
T. Hoefler, M. Vechev

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AbstractIntroduction to parallel programming: deterministic and non-deterministic programs, models for parallel computation, synchronization, communication, and fairness.
ObjectiveThe student should learn how to write a correct parallel program, how to measure its efficiency, and how to reason about a parallel program. Student should become familiar with issues, problems, pitfalls, and solutions related to the construction of parallel programs. Labs provide an opportunity to gain experience with threads, libraries for thread management in modern programming lanugages (e.g., Java, C#) and with the execution of parallel programs on multi-processor/multi-core computers.

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Performance assessment as a semester course
In examination block forBachelor's Degree Programme in Computer Science 2016; Version 07.04.2022 (First Year Examination Block 2)
ECTS credits7 credits
ExaminersT. Hoefler, M. Vechev
Typesession examination
Language of examinationGerman
RepetitionThe performance assessment is offered every session. Repetition possible without re-enrolling for the course unit.
Mode of examinationwritten 120 minutes
Written aidsNone
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